One skill if you master very well will be of great help to you is ways that you can you use to make quick and fast cash for yourself.

Today i want to share 3 simple but powerful methods that you should master and start using it to create fast cash for yourself.

Let's ROLL:

[1]Master a highly demanded skill:

There are some skills that once you learn them you will be in high demand.

One of such skill is e-cover design.

You see internet marketers always create e-books but most them don't have that much time to create the e-covers so because of that your service will always be needed.

A single e-cover will cost you nothing less than N5,000 to get it done by a professional.

So assuming you need to generate N100,000 in 2 weeks from now,all you need to do is to go to forums where these internet marketers are and then offer to provide this service to them at a subsidized fee.

If you decide to do it for just N3, 000,you will start seeing people in their ten's place orders for your service and just 40 sales will get you the required amount.

So in this month of July think of mastering a skill like graphic design, e-cover design,website design and start charging high fees. You will always be in demand

[2]Setting it up simple blogs: You have heard of affiliate marketing and how you can use free blogs to generate cash for yourself,well that is true.

But this time,you will add a little twist. Instead of using clickbank to accept your payments,this time you will use paypal.

I know that may sound absurd but am going somewhere so just keep reading.

You see,if you use clickbank the process of converting your money to cash will take long. It might take you like 3 weeks for you to get the checks in your hands and then it will take your bank at least 21 days for then to process your check for you.

But using paypal,you get paid into your paypal account immediately.I dont know about you but i don't like waiting so long to collect my own money.

The question on your mind might be,how do i withdraw my money from paypal. The answer is in the last quick cash method.

[3]The last method of generating quick cash is to start funding people's paypal account!. I know you have never thought of this,but the need of funding paypal account is so high and there is practically very few that are offering the service at the moment.

I can bet that even you will like to have your paypal account account funded.So you start funding for people and you will keep making money over and over again.

Let me assume you made like $1,000 in 2 weeks in your paypal account.If you had collected that money through clickbank,if the dollar rate was N180 to a $1 your money will just
be N180,000 but this time you can sell it to people who wants to fund their account at a slightly increased price.

Even if you sell for just N240 to $1 you will sell out in less than 1 week!, You can hold my word for that.

Now that you have learnt this 3 quick cash methods,its time to start making your plans and start putting them to work.


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