5 Things That Will Help Monetize Your Blog

1) Imitate Nature - Don't go stuffing keywords into posts or over doing onpage SEO. Google, Yahoo and MSN are looking for quality sites by realpeople, not someone spitting out hundreds of blogs per month filled withkeywords and ads. A lot of people think that they can get away with this , but its simply not true and any company or program that say that they have a way around this , stay far away. Stay legit and you will have a blog that is favored and liked by Google, Yahoo, MSN.

2) Add Some Visitor Value - Every post you write should offer somevalue to your readers. Now this doesn't mean it has to change their life oranything but it needs to offer them value. Even posts are about a relatedarticle with a link or a product review are good. Blogs filled with RSS vomitdon't offer value and won't last. It's a great idea to create your own content that way you have more control over what the reader should feel at any moment. You can add call to action phrases in your article that will lead your reader right where they should be. Think of it as a text rode map, you are the creator of there journey and you will tell them how the journey should end. Great information, will entice the reader to take the next step.

3) Make It Sticky - Your blog should have people coming back to it andreading it again and again. They should want to bookmark it that's how good it should be.
Make sure you include RSS reader buttons so visitors can subscribe to the feed. Also opt-in newsletters that offer more than just updates are a good idea but the number one way to get people to come back is to offer excellent likable content. If you are talking about fish lets say, you want the reader to get as much information form you as they can. You want them to know you are an expert on the subject. Create outbound links the lead to relevant content. It's could be to a store the sells the grates fishing rod ever invented. This will keep them coming back for more and more relevant information that you are now know to provide. Every link does not have to be a monetization link, give them free information that you find just as useful and they will love you for it.

4) Don't let your blog die - After testing I've seen huge differences in blogsthat are kept updated and others that don't get new posts. You don't haveto post every day or even every week but make sure you don't just setthem up and forget about them because they will die off and lose traffic. Don't be complacent, keep your passion alive. If you create a blog just for money and no passion is involved, you will lose interest, your readers and will have wasted your time. Keep your blog fresh. If you cant find time to post one new article at least once a week I suggest you don't bother with a blog. Be patient, if time and passion is invested into your blog the readers will come and you will make money.

5) Market = Profit - If you are after making the most money you can from a blog them the most important decision you make will be the market youblog for so make sure you research it well first. your blog can be made specifically for a product that you created and developed, or it can be for an affiliate program you blong to. How ever you want to monetize your blog there has to be a need and want for your product. If there is no want or need yet and you can create one with a blog then you can hit a gold mind. If there is currently similar product on the market then create different way to get readers interested into what you have to say.

There is no limit to a blog's potential and how much money you can make off one. If you put in the time, create great content and believe in what you are doing, then there is no reason in the world that you can not make a good amount of income form any blog. Trust me , you ever wonder why there are so many blogs out there? Its not because people need something to do, its because they are money makers.

All this information was acquired from a great product that I was told about and I'd love to share it with you. It changed my blogging way and created what I call Blog Wealth.


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